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He returned to Washington, D. Matt also served early in his career at U.

American Chamber of Commerce in the People's Republic of China

Army War College and the University of Pittsburgh Matt and his wife, Sharla, are natives of Maryland, and they have three sons — Joshua, Noah, and Daniel. He is the most active and youngest person in charge of important think tank in China at present. WANG has visited nearly countries including South Pole and conducted extensive researches and field investigations, met with Presidents and Prime Minister in more than thirty countries. WANG Wen is an influential think-tank scholar in China whose reports have been approved by Chinese policy-maker for dozens of times. Besides, he is now the consultant expert for several Chinese government ministries including the People's Bank of China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce etc.

In the year , Dr. WANG was invited to be the one of the ten speakers to participate the symposium on philosophy and social sciences hosted by President Xi Jinping. WANG Wen specialized in global governance, major power relations, green finance and macroeconomics policies. He has become the head of RDCY since Duanzhi started his career as a journalist in the s with the State Administration of Foreign Languages Publishing and Distribution, under the State Council Information Office, covering current affairs and international news.

Lin has more than 20 years of working experience in senior management in fortune companies. She is now focusing on cross-cultural communications and leadership skills coaching. She gives her best in charity work and lives it as part of her driven force. Lin has been using her influence in different industry to draw attention to public services.

In this role, Max leads his team to represent GE before various Chinese government agencies and policy-makers, and build network of relevant contacts in third-party organizations to execute GE government affairs and policy priorities in support of GE business growth in China.

Launch of 'American Business in China' white paper

Before joining GE in September, , Max was Senior Director of Government Affairs at Microsoft China for 8 years, responsible for managing Government Affairs team to ensure market access, government collaboration, policy advocacy, and to create new business opportunities. Prior to that, Max had years of experience working in the government. Six developing and transitional economies were among the 20 top world investors.

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How much and how? This is difficult to say, as China, despite recent efforts from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce MOFCOM , does not publish clear and systemic statistics on the topic — but then, neither do other main players such as the US who are very much involved in sensitive businesses throughout the continent.

Is China the unconditional friend portrayed by African Sinophiles? And what about debt sustainability, governance, and environmental issues while money is supposedly massively injected in non-democratic regimes such as Zimbabwe that are portrayed as enemies of the West? The and White Papers were already quite clear about the explicit and implicit objectives of this aid policy. Any traveller to Africa will notice the presence of these Confucius Institutes, which are now often bigger and better funded than many of the cultural institutes of former colonisers.

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This surprising remark intentionally formulated in a dedicated first-class China academic journal is not only provocative, but also aims at reconsidering the evolution of Chinese power and with it the necessary transformation of social sciences studies on China. Specialised academic books are harder to find.

A multidisciplinary journal providing analysis of the latest political, economical, social and cultural trends in the Chinese world. Perspectives chinoises.

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Contents - Previous document - Next document. Book reviews. Since Chinese President Xi Jinping came to power, censorship of all forms of media has tightened.

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Experts say Chinese media outlets usually employ their own monitors to ensure political acceptability of their content. The government is particularly keen on blocking reports of issues that could incite social unrest, like official corruption, the economy, health and environmental scandals, certain religious groups, and ethnic strife.

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Restrictions have been also placed on micro-blogging services, often in response to sensitive subjects like corruption, including rumors of an attempted coup in Beijing involving the disgraced former Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai. Ng says that the various ministries once functioned as smaller fiefdoms of control, but have recently been more consolidated under the State Council Information Office, which has taken the lead on internet monitoring. Additionally, the CPD gives media outlets editorial guidelines as well as directives restricting coverage of politically sensitive topics.

While staff and censors reached a compromise that theoretically intended to relax some controls, much of the censorship remained in place.

Mathew Alderson, Attorney and Consultant

The Chinese government deploys myriad ways of censoring the internet. China requires foreign correspondents to obtain permission before reporting in the country and has used this as an administrative roadblock to prevent journalists from reporting on potentially sensitive topics like corruption and, increasingly, economic and financial developments. Under Xi, the ability of foreign journalists and international news outlets to travel and access to sources have shrunk. The treatment of foreign reporters has become a diplomatic issue. In more recent years, China has made it exceedingly difficult for foreign technology firms to compete within the country.

The websites of U. State Department. The move triggered an outcry from European and U.