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With demonstrable proofs rather than mere belief, L.

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With science providing the technology that found for Man the soul it had long denied him, thousands of years of belief in the field of religion materialized into an actuality which any individual can realize in the here and now. This work does not represent a revolt. All it represents is the hope that Man again can find his own feet, can find himself in a very confused, mechanistic society and can recover to himself some of the happiness, some of the sincerity and some of the love and kindness with which he was created.

From the dawn of time, Man has cherished the hope he could achieve a greater freedom, that life held a potential transcending the daily grind of barter and gain.

That hope, articulated by the greatest religious leaders across the centuries, has time and again renewed his strength to face the future. But with no practical means to convert hope to reality, the goal of a greater freedom remained, for most if not all, a distant and unattainable dream. Then, with the onset of the twentieth century, came the rapid and unprecedented advance of the physical sciences, uncovering a wealth of new information about the universe.

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Yet, at the same time, these sciences limited their research to the material world, ignoring or even denying the existence of the human soul. Man and the world of stars; the spiritual communion of mankind. The wisdom of man, of the soul, and of the spirit; anthroposophy, psychosophy, pneumatosophy. Three streams in the evolution of mankind: the connection of the Luciferic-Ahrimanic impulses with the Christ-Jahve impulse;.

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Theosophy; an introduction to the supersensible knowledge of the world and the destination of man. Skip to main Skip to similar items.

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