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You will need to sort out your feelings and plan for the best path of action. To summarize: pay attention to the context and dynamic of your relationship. If your connection is based on mutual love and respect then YES, it is possible to thrive and survive together. Hopefully, you have a bit more clarity now as I know how complex and emotionally-charged this topic can be. We provide relevant information for free in our blog, by creating our own articles and sharing the best articles from the online wiccan community. It is positive and addresses issues that many young mixed couples are asking themselves.

I personally loved it. Thanks for your visit! Visit our Wiccan Store! Visit our Etsy Shop! Visit our Depop Shop! Facebook Comments. However, compassion for all forms of life on this planet informs our experience as witches, too.

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And with the Wiccan Rede both of these conflicting ideas are brought into harmony with one another. This is simply a belief that the energy we put into the world will come back to us threefold. This idea is slightly different from the Wiccan Rede, but it is absolutely consistent with it. They are the archetypal classic or traditional representations of divine feminine and masculine energy. These deities are known as the Triple Goddess and the Horned God —or you might also hear them referred to as the Lord and Lady.

She is depicted as the three phases of the moon, and each of those phases corresponds to a different representation of the Goddess. Over the course of a month, the moon enters different phases, and we can observe this by watching its light gradually get larger and then smaller night after night.

Advanced Wicca: Exploring Deeper Levels of Spiritual Skills and Masterful Magick

When the moon is moving towards being full, this is known as the waxing moon. And within the triple goddess, it represents the Maiden. The Maiden is a young woman and is a symbol of purity and beauty. We as Wiccans turn to the Maiden for things like:. Within the cycle of the seasons, the Maiden is celebrated on the spring equinox—with a Wiccan holiday known as Ostara. When the moon is full, it represents the Mother—the second face of the Triple Goddess. As our spiritual Mother, she represents fertility and maternal protection.

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In traditional times, witches and pagans would turn to the Mother to ensure a good harvest and a healthy family. We might not have crops to worry about now, but we still turn to this manifestation of the Triple Goddess for the guidance and comfort that only a Mother can provide. We celebrate the Mother at the time of the fall equinox—as this was traditionally part of the harvesting season.

This is known as the waxing moon, and it represents the third part of the Triple Goddess—the Crone. Some people may use it as an insult, but within Wicca, the elderly hold a position of importance. The Crone represents all the spiritual and magickal wisdom that experience brings. A witch is at the height of her power as she nears old age, and the Crone is a celebration of that power. She is celebrated at the winter solstice—a time when we remember that life is a cycle of death and rebirth.

He is commonly depicted as having the antlers of a stag and represents harmony with nature and the power of the natural world. There are some people who like to claim that the Horned God is the Christian Devil. However, this is not the case. The Wiccan God has no ties to Christianity whatsoever—in fact, he predates the religion by centuries. Cernunnos is not some malevolent entity who is going to poke you with a pitchfork and send you to Hell! He is our protective Father who helps us attune ourselves to the natural world.

The Horned God is classically associated with the Underworld, so as with the Crone, we celebrate him at the winter solstice. You might also see Wiccans invoke Cernunnos and his protective power during memorial services for the deceased. While magick can range from incredibly fast and simple to incredibly detailed and complex , Wiccan spells and rituals have some components in common.

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These will provide a visual representation to help strengthen the symbolism and spiritual energy of the process. In this particular instance, you need to find four items that represent the four primal elements of magick— fire , water , earth , and air. These four elements have traditionally been seen as the four building blocks of all life on earth. Second-degree initiates will face challenges in dealing with advanced magick work, including dreams and rituals.

These lessons will give you an in depth understanding of Wicca.

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Witches who have reached Third Degree should be able to understand Wicca well enough to intelligently debate and create theology. Once you reach third degree you are able to teach your own coven. Witches can remain at second degree for years because of the difficulty. Thanks to our in-depth lessons you can expedite this process. Third degree initiates are required to be mystical, magickal, and spiritual experts, and have the skill set to teach information to lower level Wiccans.

This degree is currently the highest honor a Wiccan can receive. Feel free to come back and complete this quiz whenever you have more time. You just passed this lesson and are one step closer to finishing the course. Keep up the great work!

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