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Geography of Nowhere 1 by Confines.

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David Castillo of Primitive Weapons and White Widows Pact fame pays crushing homage to old-school power-electronics on his latest project. This massive, nearly track compilation of edgy, experimental electronic music benefits those affected by the Ghost Ship fire. Gothic industrial songs that recall darkest Depeche Mode while pounding out their own melodic path. Death's Head Speaks by Simulation. A paranormal experience sparks a fascinating electronic collaboration. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 20, Explore music. Final Echo by Retaliate Of Anger. FLX Very nice distorted vocals, great drum-sounds.

Several songs are dance-friendly. The overall sound reminds me of how e.

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Velvet Acid Christ sounded during the 's. Great work. Keep 'em coming and sounding as great as the songs on this album Empty Chaos. James Portzline. Shane Aungst. Andreas Linn. Chris Norris. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Gunslinger Fuck In Question The Deep Ones Part 1 And then he started to change. Not anymore.

It got worse.


Not long after, Frank installed heavy sliding glass doors between the two rooms so he could listen undisturbed. It was a nightmare, both my brothers blocked him, I blocked him. Her dad was angry all the time. And Senko knew exactly what was to blame: The steady drip-feed of outrage he listened to every day. The film was partly funded by Kickstarter donations, many from people who had dads, moms, and loved ones who had plunged down the rage-filled rabbit hole of talk news and emotionally predatory media platforms.

Any perceived threat — physical, metaphysical, ideological, or imagined — causes the amygdalae, the two almond-shaped bundles of neurons in the medial temporal lobe, to alert the brain to prepare for a fight or flight.

How Good Is Your Anger Management?

This signal causes the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, as well as the stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline, which kick-start our sympathetic nervous system, causing oxygen levels in the blood and glucose levels in the brain to rise.

Our heart rate, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure go up — energizing us for a fight. This rush of neurochemicals has a transformative effect on our behavior. At the same time, more subtle changes are happening. Notably, the mix disrupts our ability to think logically and makes a mess of our short-term memories.

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Noradrenaline and cortisol in particular suppress function in the prefrontal cortex , the area of the brain tasked with executive decision making. Consider the Incredible Hulk, the green and grunting embodiment of unchecked fury. When mild mannered Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk, the normally careful and thoughtful scientist suddenly has the power to smash his way through injustice. A study from the University of Geneva found that humans notice and identify an aggressive voice much more quickly than a normal or happy voice.

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It feeds into your sense of self and you end up liking it. Locking in the addictive effects of anger is dopamine, the neurochemical that hangs around after a flare-up, creating a post-tirade glow. Certain highly addictive drugs, such as methamphetamines, mimic dopamine in the brain.

It tells us to keep doing that thing again and again, often leading to behavior patterns consistent with addiction. Those infusions of righteous anger — stoked by Rush Limbaugh and later, Fox News — gave him repeated hits of neurochemical stimulation, as well as a sense of purpose. In other words, the anger made him feel alive.

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  6. In the s, a series of studies demonstrated the power of emotional contagion. When subjects saw pictures of happy human faces, they reported feeling happy; when they saw sad faces, they were sad. Further research revealed that the stronger the emotion, the more easily it is transferred between people.

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    Emotional contagion has been observed in other primates, birds, even in dogs: One study from the Clever Dog Lab at the University of Vienna found that dogs became uneasy when they heard recordings of other dogs or, fascinatingly, humans in distress. For humans, emotional contagion makes evolutionary sense: Our success as a species evolved out of our ability to function and cooperate in groups; rapid emotional communication would keep groups safe and cohesive.