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I enjoyed your post, 8 was especially relevant. I too feel so blessed in my life, and I sometimes feel guilty for wanting more. I wonder , Do wealthy people ever feel guilty for having so much? Or is my guilt what holds me back from having it all. Meditation is not done for the rewards after you finish. Happiness transcends having a home and a functioning body though, yes, being hungry makes me grumpy. The only thing I really agree with is 7. This person seems to me like he is fighting within himself, and so no wonder he has this feeling of knowing something but not having learned it i.

Great post, David.

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I am going a different direction this year and except for some very specific projects, am not going to make lists. The lists were white rabbits and kept reproducing and taking over my life.

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The workout thing is so true. I often trick myself into doing this by telling myself I just have to do one easy thing and then I can go home. It should be something worth doing but short and not that difficult, like run a mile or do three sets of bench press the key is that it seems easy to you but not a total waste of time. And even if I only do the minimum, I still avoid the psychological blow that comes from skipping a day and feel far less guilty.

Maintaining a streak can be a huge motivator. Great list! Given that I am in the process of studying for my PhD comps numbers 1, 3, and 15 especially resonate with me. Thank you for the post! I view my personal inertia as a part of the law of physics — a body at rest tends to stay at rest, a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

What I’ve Learned About Learning

The trick is to overcome that initial resistance, or else i can be quite happy just sitting on the couch rather than doing something productive and enjoyable like gardening. Loved this, David—personal, yet gets a universal conversation going. Thank you from your new fan. I heart this poem:. This day will not come round again.

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And when you go — and go you must — You, yourself, will make more dust. The rest is pretty much there. You might appreciate my account of my experience at a meditation retreat, where I suffered that feeling in the extreme. It does break after a while. Lets add one more: Next time I find myself in conflict with another, I will look for a 3rd party. Betrayal of any one of those is to lose all three. Once we surrender and shut off the incessant talk in our head, things tend to work out much better! Easier said than done, right? Love and peace….

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But i always thanked my-self 1st who finally came out of empathy and bounded my-self to my truth. Now i am much much better than before. Thoughts really matter.

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Even Buddha made time to understand self and everybody must start giving time for self 1st, if possible must be inspiration of self and they are only became the truth. One can message to world, through self within, simply by understanding selves and be influence of selves. Life is gift for me, so i never think about future, even though if it passes cause everybody must go from past to future and if time concept is false then we are actually lived only in presence. It is a real place of peace and i deserved it.

All the points you make are related to being present and aware of what works for us, including choosing to do the hard things because they pay greater personal dividends in the long run. That is, seeking and experiencing:. Human connection 2. Intrinsic not extrinsic rewards 3.

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Simplicity 4. Focus thought, passion, flow 5. Understanding 6. Personal Growth. Why, then, do we have to regularly remind ourselves of that fact? A clean house works wonders! Thanks, nice article. This blog looks exactly like my old one! Great choice of colors! Thank you.

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This is very helpful to me. I think it is fear of failing, but a friend suggested this week that it is fear of succeeding. Thanks for the encouragement to push ahead. I've had the same concerns and recently went through a similar experiment. I realized I still needed a lot of the I like the way you referenced the cell phone as having a magnetic force in our lives. It is that simple. You will not get him back and it has served you no purpose. It is nearly as if it was never there in the first place.

You should always keep the attitude of moving forward in life. You should always strive to become better each day. Whenever you go to bed and have a feeling like you accomplished nothing today, this day is gone. You should always be able to tell yourself what you learned this very day. Something of value, something new, anything. It is much more than that. When you work, work. When you relax, relax.

When you spend some time with your family or kids and you truly give them your FULLEST attention, you automatically learn something new. You learn something from their world.

Something that they are interested in, and therefore the time is not wasted anymore. If you take a day off from work or business and spend it with someone you care about, make the decision to REALLY spend the time with that somebody. Enjoy the company and learn something about them. Listen to them carefully and discover what the person cares about.

When you truly listen and give them your fullest attention they will always open up to you and let you see something they value most and what you can learn from. Make it a promise to yourself to always improve yourself and in the evening name at least one good thing you learned today. It can be anything work-related or something personal, but it should be something of value.

I worked hard and in the end I found a good workaround. I learned that when I keep moving forward, I will always find a way! He showed me all the stuff he earned and it was really impressive. I think we really had a connection today! As a result, you summarize the best of the day in your mind and repeat it before going to bed.