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IPNI is a dynamic resource, depending on direct contributions by all members of the botanical community.

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We want to make sure that IPNI captures all relevant nomenclatural novelties, whether published online or in printed form. IPNI users can help. Let us know if you publish or find names in an online publication by sending us a link to the relevant site. To help you to quickly find information on authors, many new links have been created from author records to TL-2 page in BHL.

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Try it out. Sometimes referred to as balls-on-sticks, standards contain a single, straight trunk devoid of any foliage topped by a round or weeping mass of foliage. Standards grown in pots make excellent accent plants on a deck, patio or porch.

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Examples of plants suitable for standard training include gardenia, rose, fuchsia, rosemary, oleander, boxwood and weeping fig. Training your own plant into a standard is less expensive than purchasing a ready-formed standard. Select a young, healthy plant with a height of 10 inches or less and a single straight stem, if possible.

Repot the plant into a container that is 2 inches larger than its current pot and contains bottom drainage holes.

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Fill the new pot one quarter full of potting soil. Slide the plant gently from its pot. Massage the bottom of the root ball carefully to spread the roots outward. Place the plant in the center of the new pot. Add potting soil to the new container, tamping it down firmly around the root ball. Leave a 1-inch space between the soil's surface and the lip of the pot.

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Water the plant thoroughly with a garden hose. Insert a thin bamboo stake into the root ball, as close to the main stem as possible.

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Currently we are working to develop the full plant health assurance scheme. When the scheme is launched, businesses will be able to achieve an assurance certificate that demonstrates that the business has been independently and successfully audited by a certification body.

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This certificate will demonstrate to suppliers and buyers that plant health management is integral to a business's operations. Putting biosecurity at the heart of horticulture Growing, buying and selling healthy plants is essential for a thriving ornamental horticulture sector. What Central to this website is a plant health management standard that sets out practical requirements and guidance for horticulture businesses.

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  • How Create an online account and self-assess your business against the requirements of the standard.