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Shirley told Nell that the door had been locked for years, but after they walked away, it was clear there was someone—or something—standing just on the other side of it. Fast-forward to the opening sequence of the finale, which at first seemed as though it was a repeat of the same scene. But then we get the revelation that it was actually Theo McKenna Grace , who thought she was in her dance studio, on the other side all along. This room is like the heart of the house.

No, not a heart, a stomach. It was your dance studio, Theo. It was my toy room. It was a reading room for mom, a game room for Steve, a family room for Shirley, a tree house. I feel like the name of the red room is more of a homage to the H. Wells short story called The Red Room, which was essentially haunted by fear itself rather than ghosts etc. The Red Room was always a shitty mold infested empty room.

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But the kids and Liv all perceived it in different ways because the house fucks your perception. Everything about the Red Room is a lie.

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It's not even red! It should be called the red door room. I believe it is a foreshadowing, and I assume! Wonder why Hugh did not have a red room?

The Red Room

He seems to not be influenced by the house like the rest of the characters. He's the string to the kite. He's so grounded that the house doesn't have the same effect on him as it does on his family. Also, Olivia admitted to being sensitive at the beginning and the kids particularly Theo have mild psychic abilities.

The Red Room by August Strindberg - Free Ebook

So it may be that Olivia and the kids were particularly sensitive and Hugh was as affected as a typical person would be. He does enter from a ladder in the floor, but I did notice on my first re watch that that door is painted red. Yeah, I also noticed that! He didn't actually come through a trap door.

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Just like he didn't actually enter a tree house. The house tricked him and Luke into thinking it was a tree house. It seems like he was kinda immune to the house. Yeah that's right! One was like "what's mom's reading room? Give her some time alone. Yeah you don't see him on the actual ladder outside the treehouse. You just see him coming through the trapdoor in the floor up into the room.

You're just looking for too much literalism here. He entered the treehouse through a trap door because that is how you'd expect to enter a treehouse. So the house made it seem as though he entered through a trap door even though there isn't literally one to the red room.

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Not a trap door, but throughout the series we are shown two entrances - one from the hallway ie where Steve and Hugh enter in the final episode and one up a giant set of spiral stairs ie where Olivia jumps to her death. You're confused. The stairs where Olivia jumps from brings them to the hallway to the red room. There is only one entrance. Liv walks out the red room, down the small corridor, and is on the second floor with the spiral staircase. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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