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Out at Sea. A wild storm threatens Jonah's runaway ship voyage. Pagan sailors search for God's help, and Jonah is revealed as the cause of their turmoil. The sailors reluctantly throw him overboard. Jonah's Prayer. A large fish swallows Jonah while out at sea. It spits him out when Jonah repents, and God tells him to go to Nineveh again. Nineveh Repents. Jonah tells God's warning at Nineveh, and the whole city repents--from the king to the cows! But, Jonah becomes angry when God spares the city. Jonah's Lesson.

The Prophet Jonah

Jonah waits for God's judgment on Nineveh outside the city, but God teaches him about His mercy instead. The conclusion is left to the reader. Keep Reading Jonah. Continue Your Learning Journey.

Lessons from the Life of the Prophet Jonah

Series Podcasts Downloads Books. Related Video Series. The book of Micah describes God's coming judgment on Israel because of its rebellion. In some cases he was represented as a man wearing a fish. In others he was part man, part fish—a merman, of sorts. While there is no conclusive historical proof that Jonah was ever swallowed by a fish and lived to tell about it, there is some provocative corroboratory evidence.

In the 3rd century B.

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Scholars generally identify this mysterious fish-man as an avatar of the Babylonian water-god Ea also known as Enki. Berosus wrote in Greek during the Hellenistic Period. Oannes is just a single letter removed from the Greek name Ioannes. Ioannes happens to be one of the two Greek names used interchangeably throughout the Greek New Testament to represent the Hebrew name Yonah Jonah , which in turn appears to be a moniker for Yohanan from which we get the English name John.

See John ; ; and Matthew Herman V. Nineveh was Assyrian. What this essentially means is that Berosus wrote of a fish-man named Jonah who emerged from the sea to give divine wisdom to man — a remarkable corroboration of the Hebrew account.

Berosus claimed to have relied upon official Babylonian sources for his information. Nineveh was conquered by the Babylonians under King Nabopolassar in B. If so, it appears that Jonah was deified and mythologized over a period of three centuries, first by the Assyrians, who no doubt associated him with their fish-god Dagon, and then by the Babylonians, who appear to have hybridized him with their own water-god, Ea. As for the city of Nineveh, from the word "Nineweh" which means "place of the fish", it was rediscovered in the 19th century after more than 2, years of obscurity.

Derby: New York, , p. Prior to its rediscovery, skeptics scoffed at the possibility that so large a city could have existed in the ancient world.

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In fact, skeptics denied the existence of Nineveh altogether. Its rediscovery in the mids proved to be a remarkable vindication for the Bible, which mentions Nineveh by name 18 times and dedicates two entire books Jonah and Nahum to its fate. It is interesting to note where the lost city of Nineveh was rediscovered.

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It was found buried beneath a pair of tells in the vicinity of Mosul in modern-day Iraq. These mounds are known by their local names, Kuyunjik and Nabi Yunus. Asceties of Piety. John Sanidopoulos. Ted Bobosh I believe in a merciful and loving God. As a believer, I have to wrestle with the real world, and faith in the God of love. Nineveh will be destroyed? The sooner the better! Let them reap what they have sown, let the same horror reign in their streets as what they brought to other cities!

No one will have any regrets over this—least of all Jonah! So, when God sent Jonah to give the Ninevites their last chance, the prophet did not even want to go.

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