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He prefers hiding out from the world, covering his introversion with a gruff demeanor. Instead, he takes Merry Murray in to get some rest and heal up.

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What follows is a slow burn, erotic romance between two people with plenty of baggage. He spends his time now traveling and working on his memoir. Unfortunately, he lacks the funds for his writing endeavor until he hears about a treasure hunt offering a large reward. Among others after the prize is courtesan Charlotte Perry. As Benedict and Charlotte keep coming up against obstacles, they realize they work better together than apart. Colin Bridgerton Romancing Mister Bridgerton, by Julia Quinn Friendly, charming, and laid back, Colin Bridgerton is a bachelor known for going along with whatever life throws at him.

He also falls head over heels in love with Penelope Featherington, a spinster know for being a plain wallflower. Their false relationship will be put to the test as the two share a mile carriage ride and a bed along the way. A Week to Be Wicked is a fun historical romance with a unique road trip element. It all boils down to the handsome Dr.

Daniel Merial with his gentle bedside manner. Luckily for Clare, he takes his job very seriously. She earns the title of countess by marrying him, and her wealth saves him from bankruptcy.

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  • But Fitz sees Millie as his best friend. As the conclusion to their arrangement looms ever closer, he begins to fear the impending loss of his wife. What seemed like a perfect agreement at the beginning, suddenly feels wrong. Despite being a rugged and intimidating Scotsman, Graeme is tender with Eveline, defending her to those who dismiss her, and calm when she struggles to understand things around her. Recommended for those who prefer their heroes in kilts!

    And, truth be told, he has some heavy Westley from The Princes Bride vibes, toiling away as a means of communicating his love for Abbie and her three children. Women find him mysterious, while others give him a wide berth. A passionate historical, with a hero who would go above and beyond for his lady love.

    Lady Sarah Frampton is the author in question, a somewhat shy woman Jeremy meets at a garden party. What makes this romance so great is that both characters are introverted, but highly intelligent. However, their shyness belies their romantic needs both inside and outside the bedroom. Kent Randolph has known Portia Carmichael for most of his life.

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    A patient man, Kent has his eyes set on Portia, though her hands are more than full with tempting suitors. No heroine-claiming alpha males here! Oliver Rivington is home from war and all he wants out of life is a quiet, predictable existence. But then Jack Turner shows up, a man raised in the London underground with a history of criminal activity. Though fate has a way of shaking things up, as a gentleman falls for a ruffian. However, remaining just friends in the wake of a trying to make a match is tougher than it seems, and Kate begins to realize that perhaps the right man for her has been there all along.

    Minvera also has her fair share of secrets, and watching Robert and Minerva slowly open up to one another is enough to leave readers misty-eyed. The only light at the end of his tunnel is Abigail Weston, a kind and beautiful woman with an extremely large dowry. The Horse List is the first book in the suspense-filled, erotic romance series. Buy The Horse List and start a new sexy as sin adventure today. She needs protection. He needs to keep her safe. Together, can they find a second chance at love? Torn between a loving promise to cowboy Brady Ross and the desire to reconnect with billionaire Eric North, Ava Black resurrects a new version of her wish list.

    But Brady might not be available for all the adventures on her list, and she might not be ready to face the solution to her problems. The Horse List Challenge is book 2 in the suspense-filled erotic romance series. Buy The Horse List Challenge and continue the sexy as sin adventure today. ISBN She wants true love. Who will she ultimately choose?

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    As Ava Black finds support to start her life over in her hometown, but Brady and Eric compete for her love. Brady offers her the traditional marriage of her childhood dreams, while Eric proposes a passionate life filled with lists of bedroom wishes they would complete together. The Horse List Unveiled is book 3 in the suspense filled erotic romance series.

    A strong woman determined to get what she wants. An alpha male ready to make his move.

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    Two people pushed in opposite directions by fate. Sophia Richland has loved her billionaire boss for years with nothing to show for it. She is going to do it all on her own. After a friend suggests she apply, she is selected to star on a private, live-stream, matchmaking show. With a billionaire stranger as her lover, and the promise of a pregnancy, Sophia hopes to finally have a baby to love and maybe even a husband, someday….

    Billionaire entrepreneur Jacob Bell is used to getting what he wants, and he wants Sophia.

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    Anyone else??? If you love sexy cowboys I sure do! She also writes adult paranormal novels. A really good short story…. Mistik: …a British girl and a Texas cowboy who rocks her world. Like chocolate. Jan: The Travis series by Lisa Kleypas. Great series. Starts with Sugar Daddy. Somewhere; and Someday. This is one of her first books but I loved it, and it features a bull rider and a storm chaser. On my top Part of the Travis series. And the scene in the parking garage is one of my all time hunk of burning Love favorites! The Travis series by Lisa Kleypas. Cat Johnson has quite a few good ones my latest favourites are Midnight heat and Midnight Wrangler but the Oklahoma nights series were great too.

    Hot cowboys galore!

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    Nicole Edwards has cowboys brothers that get together and open a sex resort , in her Alluring Indulgence series as well as her Club Destiny series. Rebecca: Yes! I love this series! Totally reminds me of K.