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ISBN 13: 9788868366520

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Organi Pinchi Srl Local Business. Associazione Italiana Organari Organization.

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Organo a canne Musical Instrument. Plogging Italia Environmental Conservation Organization. Il Suono dell'Organo Concert Tour. Recent Post by Page. Mascioni Organs. See More. The Italian modal verbs precede the infinitive of another verb, and indicate a mode respectively: necessity, possibility, volition :. To underscore the close link between the modal verb and the verb that follows it, the former usually takes the auxiliary of the second:. But it is common to encounter modal verbs with the auxiliary avere , even when the governing verb requires the auxiliary essere :.

In particular, the modal verbs take the auxiliary verb avere when they are followed by the verb essere :. Posso uscire?

Italian Preposition Da - Preposition Da in Italian

May I go out? Posso suonare il trombone.

I can am able to play the trombone. In the present perfect tense , potere means "to be able to, to succeed":. Ho potuto spedire il pacco. I was able to mail the package. They could not come earlier, but they tried. In the conditional tenses condizionale presente and condizionale passato , this verb may be translated as "could," "would be able to," "could have," or "could have been able to":. Potrei arrivare alle tre. I was able to arrive at three o'clock; I would be able to arrive at three o'clock. Avrei potuto farlo facilmente.

I could have done it easily; I would have been able to do it easily.

Translation of "government" - English-Italian dictionary

In the present perfect conversational past , volere is used in the sense of "decided, refused to":. Ho voluto farlo. I wanted to do it; I decided to do it.

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Marco non ha voluto finirlo. Mark didn't want to do it; Mark refused to do it. Vorrei un bicchiere di latte. I would like a glass of milk.