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Six, all told. Now, it has been declared a Classic and released with nice new livery as part of a series of titles being released by Text Publishing with the intention of highlighting notable books by Australian authors, some of which had shamefully been allowed to go out of print. They range across genres and cover almost years of Australian writing.

None of your rubbish, in other words.

The average number of discs excised per patient was 4. The average length of stay in an intensive care unit was 9.

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The radiographic parameters are presented in Table 2 and illustrated in Figures 2 to 6. The average preoperative angular value of the principal curve was The average value of translation of the apical vertebra was The average preoperative thoracic kyphosis was Preoperative sagittal alignment changed from 1. Preoperative coronal alignment went from 2. As complications, we observed one patient who developed neurological deficit in the peri- and immediate postoperative periods, evolving with a neurogenic bladder and presenting total improvement of the deficit at the final outpatient consultation.

One patient evolved with pneumonia and another with a postoperative urinary tract infection. Both were treated with intravenous antibiotic therapy and were discharged after clinical improvement. A chest drain with water seal was routinely placed in all patients immediately following the surgical procedure and remaining for less than 1 week in all cases, aimed at preventing the more serious complication of a possible hemopneumothorax.

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None of the patients had chylothorax. None of the patients required surgical revision and there were no cases of muscle necrosis, permanent neurological lesion, or infection of the surgical site.

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  • Five patients were operated on in two stages. In the second surgery, two weeks after the first procedure, we performed extrapleural interbody release associated with transcorporal osteotomy of the inferior plateau of the periapical vertebrae LIEPO , scoliosis correction, and system locking maneuvers, and the removal of the cranial halo, thus obtaining correction of the spinal deformity. The treatment of severe rigid spinal deformities is still challenging today, despite technical surgical improvement, the availability of modern implants, and the use of advanced technological resources like intraoperative navigation and neuromonitoring.

    Thus, Li et al.

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    Scoliosis with a high angular value can be treated by anterior approach alone according to Shen et al. Anterior release via thoracoscopy prior to posterior arthrodesis has been described as being less invasive and optimizing clinical results, but the technical difficulty of this procedure in patients with severe deformity of the thoracic cage is a limiting factor.

    Moreover, Picetti et al. Suk et al. There were four serious complications and one patient evolved with permanent paralysis. In , Shimode et al. The pVCR technique consists of a vertebral resection osteotomy at the apex of the deformity, allowing significant correction of the curve through this point, leaving two rigid blocks proximal and distal to the excised segment, generating instability in the apical region, which causes the possibility of spinal cord injury occurring at this point, mostly due to the accumulation of tension in the rigid segments.

    Li et al. None of our patients suffered permanent neurological damage or required a new surgical intervention.

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    The extrapleural interbody release technique associated with transcorporal osteotomy of the inferior plateau of the vertebrae LIEPO proved to be safe and effective when used in the correction of severe rigid spinal deformity, yielding a satisfactory percentage of correction. New studies with larger numbers of patients are necessary for the validation of this promising technique, which comes complemented by an arsenal of surgical approaches used in the correction of spinal deformities. Posterior vertebral column resection for severe pediatric deformity: minimum two-year follow-up of thirty-five consecutive patients.

    It is a slow, beautiful dance of love and death. The visionary Diana Gribble founded Text in She wanted to create an independent publishing house that would find books to enlighten, challenge and entertain us. The Text Classics series is designed to unearth some of the lost marvels of our literature, and to allow readers to rediscover wonderful books they have never forgotten. These books are milestones in the Australian experience.

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    We have chosen them in the conviction that they still have much to say to us, undiminished in their power to delight, challenge and surprise us. And if you're new to the site, become a member and get a Text tote for free with your first order. Or that twenty-two have won major awards?

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    You can now filter the Classics based on setting as well as genre. Hover over the map to find books set in your area or wherever you're planning to go on your next holiday. The Text Publishing Company.

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    Three-time winner: Small Publisher of the Year.