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His eyes got huge because he didn't expect it, and his mask filled with water as the tentacle pulled it away from his face-- and just as quick as it grabbed it, it let it go and disappeared back into the hole. My dad floated there in shock, amazed at what happened and still trying to wrap his head around it. Until you realize it's an octopus and it likes sticking its tentacles into places And it's stronger than you. With more limbs than you.

And it has a snapping beak that can break bone. Octopus are very intelligent. Odds are you are already in an elaborate Saw style situation and you don't even know it. As a diver, I'd be super happy They are super cheeky and playful. Had plenty of them hitch a ride by holding on to me. It's cool.

I'll just go back down.

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Just like Tilda Swinton's wingless Gabriel from the end of Constantine. Welp I knew this day would come I shoulda shot you after the Pacific job squidmore. Let's do it. I just saw a gif this morning of an octopus choke out a shark by plugging up its gills, they are probably the smartest creatures in the ocean and that is terrifying, plus the fact that some have perfected camouflage. I also saw a video yesterday of one picking up a bunch of shells to use as a shield against a shark.

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I love octopi. They're probably my favorite sea creature. I don't even mind seeing one up close in a tank But the thought of being in the water with one seriously freaks me out.

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If you look up and see that it is in the process of fleeing back to cover. Octopi hate swimming in the open ocean for more than a few seconds at a time. So no, you better fuck yourself. Thank you and good evening. Then you'd just wait or avoid? If it wants to fight, i got a knife in my holster like I'm supposed to. This I could deal with. Octopuses aren't suuuuuper dangerous and will most likely leave you alone.

It'd be more interesting than scary.

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Now sharks on the other hand Sharks aren't super dangerous either, they will most probably leave you alone. The exception is if you're surfing and they mistake you for a seal. I wouldn't really say they have a beak like a parrot They have a beak yes, but it's a lot stronger than a parrot beak, and also a lot smaller. And it's not exactly convenient for an octopus to bite something the size and shape of a human, since the beak is at the center of their 8 arms, rather than protruding from its body.

What you should really be copy pasting everywhere is that an octopus could easily hug you to death; not understanding that you need to get to the surface to live, it could simply drown you while attempting to get to know you. Alternatively, you could be unfortunate enough to provoke a blue ring octopus and be dead from its poison in minutes. But all of that is pretty unlikely. Most reports of octopus encounters either involve the octopus running away and hiding, or gently trying to get to know the human.

They are very intelligent, curious, and playful creatures, and in general they aren't aggressive by nature. Yes, but even if it feels threatened, they retreat. The beak is for eating, and really, the only reason it'd use it for combat, is if it's in a literal corner. You have to assert yourself, its tough love. Just like my Mr. When he's bad I say 'that's a bad Mr.

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You mean hooked?

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I would be insulted if it didn't. It's literally the reason I vowed to never eat octopus again. Now imagine 8 of them. Octopi don't have teeth on theirs. They are super curious and pretty hilarious to watch. In its domain. An octopus! What's up, octopus? Source: Am scuba diver. Great stuff. But as I said, I could be wrong. What do? She's been chosen to be sacrificed to our Lord Cthulhu. The things I love most, this sub fears. Blows my mind every time. He had another great story of a sea lion swimming with him, too, that I loved.

Yeah fuck that. I'm just paid to do the dirty work.

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He even has a bandolier. Octopus better ink the fuck outta here. A lovely mermaid! I'm feeling boss fight.

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We have used picture books to work through so many issues, from mean girls at the playground to fear of making mistakes. If you've ever Googled blobfish, then you know they're not the prettiest fish in the sea. But no one told poor Blobfish, who accidentally finds out he's considered ugly right on the pages of this book. Luckily, Blobfish's friends come to the rescue and cheer him up by pointing out all the great things about Blobby. This sweet, funny story promotes tolerance and friendship while sharing fun facts about ocean life that your budding scientist will soak up like a sea sponge.

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Photo: Harper Collins. Monty the frog has an embarrassing secret: He's afraid of the water and can't swim! Kids will relate as Monty confesses his phobia and the lengths he'll go to just to avoid getting wet. But with the reader's help, maybe Monty can face his fears -- or at least tell his parents how he feels. This highly interactive and tenderhearted story will draw your child in and make him feel important as he helps bolster Monty's confidence. Louise and her new neighbour Andie have something very important in common: They both love art.

But one day, a disagreement over an art project leads to a torn page and hurt feelings. After all, even great friends sometimes experience artistic differences. I was drawn to this book because Louise reminds me of my daughter, who has turned our dining room table into an art studio with more room for markers than dishes. It's a fun read for kids and parents alike, with inside jokes about the art world, like Andie being named for the pop artist Andy Warhol.

Pig is back with her third adventure in the hilarious Pig in a Wig series. This time, the red-headed sow faces a dilemma: How will she and her friends enjoy their picnic lunch once the rain starts pouring? With vibrant artwork and rhymes that are so much fun to read aloud, this book entertains while imparting a great message about the importance of friendship. What, you're never heard of an octicorn? He's half octopus, half unicorn, and wholly unsure where he belongs, since no one is quite like him.