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While there was definitely more time spent on one couple, the love matches were quite entertaining. Most of all I love the sense of community in this series; the friendships, the nosey neighbors, and they way they help each other through lives trials and tribulations. Violet was such a strong female character and I loved that she was self reliant and self sufficient, and it took an illness to make her slow down and an even stronger man to help her through it all. I loved the way Brooklin made Nathan work to know her even though she was intrigued by him.

Their relationship was sweet, but intense and a lovely bonus in this book. I really love we get to revisit the couple a few years down the road when the time is right for them. Lori Foster offers up another exciting contemporary romance in Worth The Wait. Review copy provided for a voluntary review. Apr 05, Anita rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , kindle-own , arc. As the second Guthrie brother, Hogan, takes his turn we get a closer look at life in small Clearbrook, Ohio town and while not quite everybody is in every body else's business, it's close. Like the first book, we get two romances for the price of one and they are both great.

Hogan Guthrie is a single dad who is getting his life back on track. He has finally found a good paying job in his field as an accountant and is working as the "barbecue master" at Screwy Louie's. The owner, Violet Shaw, is just about the only woman in Clearbrook that he hadn't hit on during his temporary hiatus from the sensible, solid, hard working man he was before his wife left him devastated and his ego in tatters. But, it all takes a turn when Hogan discovers that Violet had the same lusty feelings for him that he has for her.

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A new neighbor has caught his eye, but she is having nothing to do with the hunky guy. Gorgeous new neighbor, Brooklin Sweet, is a keep to herself kind of woman and that just intrigues Nathan more than anything else possibly could. She has an quite beauty and venerability that Nathan can't walk away from—and helping her come to terms with the secrets from her past can't hurt his chances for something more romantic.

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View all 4 comments. Jul 22, Maria Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: single-parent-romance , sexy-as-all-get-out , fully-reviewed-books , widow-divorce-2nd-love , stars , police-firefighter-ems. According to a recent Facebook post by author Lori Foster, Worth the Wait is her th unique story, which is an amazing accomplishment! Writing for just over twenty years in the romance genre, her books obviously resonate with readers who keep coming back for more.

The first novels of hers I read was the Buckhorn Brothers series, which originally came out in the early s. Since then her name on a book automatically draws my attention, and Worth the Wait is a classic example of what readers h According to a recent Facebook post by author Lori Foster, Worth the Wait is her th unique story, which is an amazing accomplishment! Since then her name on a book automatically draws my attention, and Worth the Wait is a classic example of what readers have come to expect from Ms.

Foster — straightforward plots with down to earth characters who enjoy some sexy times on the way to their happy endings. Hogan Guthrie is a newcomer to Clearbrook, having moved there with this teenaged son, Colt, after the death of his wife. Hogan lives next door to his brother Jason, who has helped him settle into town and is good friends with Nathan Hawley, the local sheriff. Nathan turned in his SWAT badge for local law enforcement, and has his eyes out for trouble.

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Will a brush with danger show them all the path to their happy ever afters? I really like how this is done, and found myself equally interested in both couples as they have different problems to overcome. Hogan never got any real resolution over the end of his marriage, discovering his wife was unfaithful and feeling like a fool for not realizing it was happening and then having her die unexpectedly in an accident.

But it makes him wary of any kind of relationship commitment.

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Plus, his boss at his day job is continually overstepping his boundaries and is making him question his future there. Violet lost her parents at an early age and inherited the diner from her uncle. These secrets make up a good portion of the second half of the story and drive the action that results, taking the tension up a notch.

Lori Foster writes hot sexy times that are not over the top with swearing or dirty talking but read like a couple who are interested in each other, who respect each other, and who have an equal part to play in their mutual satisfaction. They are definitely some of my favorites to read and are integral to the emotional connections made between the couple concerned. One thing evident in this story is the reliance on conversations to move the plot. Hogan is the central figure around which the plot revolves, so this means plenty of conversations with his brother, his son, his friend Nathan and obviously Violet.

Whether Worth the Wait is your first Lori Foster book, or your th, she delivers a sexy, engaging contemporary romance every time. A copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review. Jun 24, Lexxie un Conventional Bookworms rated it it was amazing Shelves: releases , harlequin , fave-series , arc , fave-author , contemporary , romance , adult , coyer-summer , read-in This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews Worth the Wait bears its title very well! I loved this story, even though it followed one main couple, plus another couple who got less time allotted to them.

The writing is so good, and there's some well-timed suspense as well as the romance. Hogan had been through the wringer more than once, and Worth the Wait was really about how he was worth waiting for. Violet was attracted to Hogan, but she didn't want to be just another notch This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews Worth the Wait bears its title very well! Violet was attracted to Hogan, but she didn't want to be just another notch on his bedpost. He had quite a bit of thinking through his past to do, before he could completely open up to Violet and maybe start building a new relationship again.

Worth the Wait follows two couples, but Hogan and Violet are the main characters, while Nathan and Brooklin have a bit less time for their romance. The suspense parts of the story have to do with Brooklin, and it was interesting how she tried to shy away from everyone who wanted to become her friend. Once Violet broke through her barriers, though, there was no going back. One of my favorite things about Worth the Wait was how great a father Hogan was, wanting to put his son's needs before his own. The interactions between the various characters were authentic, and I really enjoyed the banter, the friendship and the loyalty.

There was a little bit of intrigue as well, as Hogan's female boss was doing her best to snag him - bordering on harassing him, she was. Violet totally put her in her place, though! The writing in Worth the Wait was really good, the third person past tense with plenty of dialogues allowed me a good overview, and at the same time get to know the characters fairly well. Short of telling her to go to hell, what could he do?

Is this how women felt when being sexually harassed? No, for a woman it'd probably be worse. After all, Joni didn't physically threaten him. She just annoyed the hell out of him. Violet hadn't slept as soundly as Hogan predicted she would. How could she when she kept thinking about him 'taking care of himself? It was an amazing thing when a man so wonderful on the inside also had the perfect, very masculine wrapping on the outside. Worth the Wait is a really great suspenseful, two-for-one romance! It is a solid 4 star rating from me. Not sure if we can expect any more from this series of fantastic standalones but I certainly would be happy to have more, even if this book did end with nothing left unanswered.

Apr 23, Tessie Tavares rated it it was amazing. Amazing book!!! I absolutely love violet! Shes my favorite heroine in thr series. Violet and Hogan are perfect for each other, so are Nathan and Brooklin! Hopefully we get to see more of the family if colts receives his own book. I recieved an arc copy in exchange for an honest review. Apr 04, Minx rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley-arc , contemporary , romance. Most of the time, romance books focus on one couple but in Worth the Wait the story follows the relationship of two couples.

When considering this book for a review, I was curious to see how this story would flow with two different romance storylines.

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I was delighted that both storylines were unique but that the stories were also woven together with the result being a lighthearted romantic re Most of the time, romance books focus on one couple but in Worth the Wait the story follows the relationship of two couples. I was delighted that both storylines were unique but that the stories were also woven together with the result being a lighthearted romantic read.

The majority of the story surrounds Hogan and Violet and their delicate dance of romance. From the way the story unfurls, it is apparent that there must have been mention of these two characters in the first book of this series. Hogan was apparently quite the playboy but lately he has singled his focus to be on only Violet.

Violet has the hots for Hogan but felt that she did not have the time for the drama that a romance with him would bring, but boy, did she want him. Hogan was burned by his ex-wife and he is not willing to give anyone the chance to hurt him or his son again. As things heat up both these characters have to come to terms with what they really want and what they are willing to sacrifice to see how far this road will lead.

Nathan is a former SWAT member who is no stranger to trauma. When Brooklin sneaks into town he is not put off by her standoffish attitude. If anything, it makes him more intrigued and gives him the desire to find out what is behind the shield she puts around herself. Brooklin is running from her past. She has been hurt and wants to keep her past securely behind her. Too bad her pesky neighbor, Nathan, will not leave her alone. She should be annoyed by how he pries into her personal life but there is something about him that heats her up.

Worth the Wait is told from multiple points of view and I enjoyed that. It is always nice to know what is going on inside the heads of characters. I did feel slightly lost from not having read the previous book in this series.

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There was history between many of these characters that I eventually understood but would have enjoyed knowing at the start. Overall it was an enjoyable read that has plenty of steamy and swoony moments as well as humor, mystery and a wee bit of danger. This is a sweet read that I would recommend to all romance readers. This review is based on a complimentary book I received from NetGalley.

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It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating. Aug 11, Desirae Dee rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley. I got really really , and I hate to use this word, bored with it. I understand Hogan's hesitation with his love life and why. I mean, I really started to question if he was ever going to admit it to himself. I even went as far to see if this was part of a series.

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I'd come back to give it another shot and walk away again. I didnt mind 3 love stories in one book. I also didn't mind the little bit of crazy from Brooklin's life the dribbled over into anyone else's. I had to rate this 2. Hogan, Colt's Dad, has worked hard to get his life back on track and find happiness after his wife's death. Violet is fun, strong, confident and someone you would want to befriend. She is attracted to Hogan, but he has a reputation as a bit of player and that scares her. Hogan is tempted, but he isn't looking for happily ever after.

Hogan works weekends at Screwy Louie's grilling his ribs while keeping the ingredients to his sauce a secret. When Violet ends up ill, Hogan is there, and it allows the two to spend a little time together. She discovers he isn't a player and he finds that despite some issues he wants to get to know Violet intimately.

Foster weaved in humor, sweet moments and spicy heat. I enjoyed getting Hogan's backstory and the current thread about his accounting job. Both added interest and allowed me to connect. Violet was a real gem even if she tries to do everything on her own. Both characters felt genuine and had me rooting for an HEA. Our local Sheriff Nathan Hawley is more than a little curious about his cute, standoffish neighbor Brooklin Sweet and I had fun watching their relationship develop. While this was a secondary romance to the overall story, Foster threaded their romance throughout giving us some suspense, humor and awkward moments.

Foster also used them to touch on the subject of how quickly we condemn folks before knowing all of the facts. For fans of the series, we get updates on Honor, Jason, and other characters. Colt is present throughout the story, and we get tidbits about his life. Even though he is only eighteen, I hope we get his story. I loved the thread about the local gossip page.

It was hilarious and cute moments developed from it. Fans of Jill Shalvis, Robyn Carr, and Bella Andre will enjoy this series with its small-town feel and smidgeon of heat. Copy provided by publisher. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer Apr 24, LeeAnn rated it it was amazing. As the title indicates, this book was worth the wait. In this book we get to revisit old friends Sullivan and his love Lexi, Jason and his love Honor.

We get to watch as Hogan and Violet grow closer , sexy Sheriff Nathan meets Brooklin, a new mysterious woman to town. We are taken on a ride full of sexy fun, intrigue, danger and hear all about the BBQ ribs that Hogan cooks Maybe not. A lot of excitement goes on in this small town, shoot So much going on. This was a great read. I have not told everything So do yourself a favor and go buy this book when it's available. You will NOT regret it.

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